International Payroll Solutions

International payroll solutions for your business

Businesses that have a variety of payment requirements, including international payroll, should implement a comprehensive currency strategy that takes all eventualities into account. Those that overlook this vital process, won’t have the flexibility to capitalise on favourable market movements while at the same time hedging against potential financial losses to create the perfect international payroll solutions for their business.

What a comprehensive currency strategy looks like for international payments and payroll

Currency markets are unpredictable at the best of times, meaning they could move for or against a business. Our corporate international payment specialists can help our clients to incorporate a range of relevant FX tools into their currency strategy, allowing them to make the most of the potential scenarios by saving time and money.


The Requirement

A UK clothing manufacturer has several international payment requirements each month: paying European suppliers and paying their staff based in their Amsterdam office. The client is conscious that its current currency strategy is reactive, so wants to obtain the most favourable exchange rate but is also concerned about losses.

Our Approach

Having taken the time to understand the client’s commercial context and risk appetite, we established a proactive approach for their currency risk exposure using a combination of Forward Contracts and market orders: a portion of their supplier invoice was placed on a forward contract, a portion on a Stop-Loss and the remaining amount was placed on the open market using a limit order. A forward contract was also used to guarantee the cost of paying their international payroll commitments each month, by securing a favourable rate.

The Result

If the market moves in the client’s favour, they can still benefit from the improved rates. That’s because only a portion of their payment’s booked on a fixed rate via a forward contract, and with the rate heading in the right direction, the stop loss won’t be activated. This leaves a significant portion of their funds to transfer at the improved rate.

If the market takes a turn for the worse, a portion of the client’s funds has already been hedged by the forward contract and stop-loss order. This means they won’t be booking all their international payment using a spot contract.

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RationalFX have helped over 5,000 businesses to manage their international payments and mitigate their currency risk exposure. We ensure your funds arrive where they need to be on time whilst maximising profitability. 

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International Payroll Solutions

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