If you are a business needing to make international payments to the USA finding the best way is something that can save money for your business and ensure your payments get to your supplier in good time. Transferring money via RationalFX is the ideal way to make your international payment as our competitive USD exchange rate and low fee option will save you money on your payment. Furthermore our convenient online payments service reduces the time and effort of making your international payment. Start making international payments to USA now, or open an account to send Dollars.

You may already, or be thinking of making your international payments to the USA through your bank as it is where you deal with most of your business transactions. But is this the cheapest and most efficient way to make your international payments to the USA?

The truth is you can get a better deal going elsewhere! Foreign currency exchange brokers are helping more and more businesses to cut costs when making their international payments.

You may need to make a transfer to the Bank of America for example. Going via your bank will see you given an uncompetitive rate of exchange as well as charging you a fee for doing the transfer. These costs can be substantial, especially if you need to make regular international payments to the USA.

Foreign currency exchange brokers like RationalFX can offer your business an extremely competitive rate of exchange for the dollar, as well as other currencies you may need. Why not have a look at the rates currently on offer for the US Dollar?

Whether you are making a single payment or looking to make regular payments to a supplier we do not charge you high fees for doing your transfers.

Furthermore, we at RationalFX can make it easier to control your finances. With rates constantly fluctuating, we can offer you a forward contract which gives you the ability to fix a great rate of exchange for up to two years!

FSA authorised and regulated by HRMC We are experts at foreign currency exchange and can make your international payments to USA easier, cheaper, and more manageable.

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