Do you need to send Euros to Spain to pay school or university fees? If the answer is yes then RationalFX is the ideal way for you to send your money as we offer a competitive Euro exchange rate and always offer a fee free option which together helps you to save on the costs of sending Euros to Spain for education purposes.

At RationalFX we have observed a considerable increase in the numbers of students sending money overseas for education purposes as money transfers for education or university fees now constitute 20% of all our transactions.

University Spain

Studying in Spain has become increasingly popular with UK students studying at various Spanish universities such as European University, Pontifical University of Salamanca, Universidad Carlos III De Madrid or IE School of Arts and Humanities, Madrid.

If you are looking to study abroad it is essential that you find the most suitable and cheapest way to send money. Many students studying abroad use their bank or a money sending bureau to send Euros to Spain but in doing are getting uncompetitive Euro exchange rates and are charged considerable transfer fees for every transaction, which is by no means ideal for a student living on a budget.

Choosing to send your money through a foreign exchange broker such as RationalFX is the ideal way to send Euros to Spain as this will help you to reduce the costs of your international money transfer to Spain. We offer an extremely competitive exchange rate for the Euro and do not apply transfer fees when you send money online which means you will be able to send more Euros to Spain for your GBP.

You will be able to send money conveniently online via our payments system Xendpay which allows you to send money simply and conveniently online from a time and place which suits you.

When sending money via RationalFX you will know that you are making a secure money transfer as we are authorised by the FSA and regulated by HM Revenue & Customs.

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