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Save On International Money Transfers

Purchasing a property can be a costly affair, but there’s always savings to be made. RationalFX has helped thousands of clients save money on their property purchases by offering them great exchange rates and expert guidance on the right time to make the purchase. Find out exactly how much we can save you by signing up or getting a free, no-obligation quote today.

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Open your free online account or sign in if you’re already a client. Accounts are accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.


Book your currency online or over the phone. You can access our latest currency rates online or via our currency experts.


Once you’ve confirmed a great rate, send your funds to our client-safeguarded bank account.


Once we’ve received your funds, we deliver your payment. We offer same-day payments for selected currencies.

Booking the right rate at the right time

When making international payments, it is important to understand how fluctuations can impact your finances. Our currency experts work with you to tailor a solution suited to your cost, budget and timeframe.

Spot Contract

If you’re ready to go, so are we. Exchange your money for our best exchange rate at the time, no hassle, no fuss.


You can lock in your desired currency rate up to two years ahead of purchasing your property, giving you time to plan for the perfect move.

Firm Limit Order

Have a desired exchange rate in mind? If so, we’ll set up your order and when your desired currency reaches your limit price, we’ll execute your payment.