28/03/2017 - Trump Defeated Over Healthcare Reform


The US dollar and U.S. long-dated Treasury yields slipped on Monday as investors worried that U.S. President Donald Trump's defeat over healthcare reform  could lead to for difficulties delivering other campaign promises, such as fiscal stimulus. If Trump is unable to deliver on these promised expectations surrounding US economic growth and inflation could dissipate leading to a weakening of the dollar.
Trump's failure to rally enough support from his own Republican party  that  controls both houses of U.S. Congress - to replace Obamacare spurred a rush to safe-haven assets such as gold ,the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc.


Yesterday Teresa may meet with Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland yesterday confirming that she will not give in to her call for another referendum on Scottish independence.  Stating that “now is not the time to be talking about a second independence … now is the point when we are triggering article 50, we’re starting negotiations for leaving the European Union. Now is the time when we should be pulling together, not hanging apart. Pulling together to make sure we get the best possible deal for the whole of the UK. Also I think it would be unfair on the people of Scotland to ask them to make a significant decision until all the facts were known, at a point where nobody knows what the situation is going to be”


German business morale hit its highest level in nearly six years in March, suggesting company executives in Germany are shrugging off concerns about the threat of rising protectionism and Germany's own election issues. The surprisingly strong figure published IFO economic institute, added to signs that the German economy is performing well at the start of 2017, helped by rising global demand for cars and machinery. The IFO said its business climate index, rose to 112.3 from an upwardly revised reading of 111.1 in February

Key Announcements

15:00 - USD; CB Consumer Confidence Forecast at 113.9 against a previous of 114.8

15:50- USD: FOMC Chair Janet Yellen Speaks