25/07/2017 - BoE Director Concerned about Personal Debt levels 


Alex Brazier, the Bank of England's director for financial stability, warned about Britain’s rising level of personal debt.   He said there are “classic signs” that the risks involved in car finance, credit cards and personal loans are being underestimated as financial institutions make hay while the sun shines in a stark warning. 

Yesterday Barry Gardiner, the shadow international trade secretary, claimed it would be a “disaster” to seek a customs union agreement with the EU after Brexit.  He warned that the implications of agreeing a separate arrangement with the EU could leave the UK’s market accessed on “prejudicial” terms putting Labour's Brexit plans into chaos.

Gardiner believes the 52% who voted to leave the EU would consider it a con if Britain was out of Europe but still subservient to its laws and institutions. 

Key Announcements

15:00 - USD: CB Consumer Confidence forecast to fall to 116.5 from 118.9