The RationalFX Difference

  • Meet your Dedicated Dealer
  • Exchange Rate Guarantee
  • Stop/Limit and Forward Orders
  • Getting your FX timing right
  • Unlimited money transfers
  • Compare, Compare, Compare

Your Dedicated Dealer

Our strength lies in the vast knowledge and expertise of our foreign exchange dealers, who look forward to discussing your currency requirements and formulating the best FX strategy to help you avoid fluctuations in the FX market. In addition to this, you will get settlement and delivery reports for all your transactions and scheduled market updates which will be based on key financial data.

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Exchange Rate Guarantee

As we offer some of the most competitive exchange rates in the market, along with low currency margins, you can rest assured that your international payments with RationalFX will not only be cost effective but will also considerably reduce your exposure to fluctuations in the FX market.

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Stop/Limit and Forward Orders

You can manage your transactions effectively by choosing from the various services we provide, such as spot trades, forward deals, stop loss and limit orders, which enable you to take advantage of positive movements in the market and will also protect you if the market doesn’t move in your favour.

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Getting your FX timing right

With FX, timing is everything, but it is best not to wait and speculate upon rises and falls in the market which you can take advantage of as this can result in the very opposite effect: you buy late and at the wrong price.

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Unlimited money transfers

When you open an account with RationalFX, you can wire any amount of money from £100 without being subject to annual limits as to how much you can transfer. Whether it’s over the phone or online, you will benefit from a range of services designed to make payments quick and easy.

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Compare, Compare, Compare

As a market leader our aim is to give you the best exchange rates, which is why we are constantly checking the market and comparing our rates against high street banks, money sending bureaus and FX brokers, so we can ensure that our overall price is far better than our competitors.

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    GBPEUR: 1.419     GBPUSD: 1.507     GBPINR: 100.183     GBPPLN: 6.071     GBPCHF: 1.547     GBPJPY: 185.279     GBPAED: 5.536     GBPSGD: 2.119     GBPHKD: 11.684

Your Security

  • Authorised by the FCA
  • Swift member (RFXLGB2L)
  • Your funds held at Barclays Bank
  • Trusted by thousands of customers
  • Over $2 Billion transferred

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